An experienced Product and Marketing Manager, I possess a deep understanding of user needs, market trends, and industry standards. I leverage this expertise to craft compelling product roadmaps and develop innovative strategies that keep products ahead of the curve.

I have developed successful marketing campaigns for over 25 clients, resulting in an impressive average increase in annual traffic of 16-37% over a year. With a sharp attention to detail and a passion for innovation, I always strive to exceed expectations and achieve outstanding results.

What I Do

Project Management

I have experience with both Waterfall and Agile development life cycle approaches. I believe my skills can be a valuable asset to your team's current and future needs. I am confident in my ability to analyze project requirements, choose the appropriate approach, and deliver projects on time, within budget, and with high quality.

Product Manager

I provide oversight for the entire product lifecycle, ensuring that the product aligns with the company's goals and strategies while fulfilling user needs. From research and development to testing and positioning, I provide guidance in building technically feasible and elegant products.

Digital Marketing Manager

I develop and execute marketing campaigns across various channels, including Google Adsense, Instagram/Facebook Advertising, and SEO. My expertise lies in creating comprehensive SEO/SEM plans to improve our online visibility, drive more traffic to our website, and outperform our competitors.

Market Analyst

I am dedicated to offering comprehensive insights and information about a system and its various elements. This enables businesses to implement their strategies and operations in line with the defined models and views of the system architecture.